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Black Flies

Black flies, alternatively known as the buffalo gnat or the turkey gnat. They can be found across the globe as biting insects which feed on blood. They are an extremely common problem across North America, as they cause irritation and disease amongst humans. They are a scourge to livestock, often swarming and biting in such numbers causing weight loss or death. These flies are difficult to kill outright, and as such, black fly control and prevention are the keys to keeping away from these pests. The most efficient method of black fly control is simple: prevent yourself from being bitten. Insect repellents and foggers can often provide some protection. However, these are not foolproof. Alternatively, wearing light-colored clothing that minimizes your skin exposure, possibly including a netted hat in high-density areas can keep these biters away. For a bit more effective, long-lasting method of black fly control, there are some commercial-grade chemicals which can be used in water sources where black flies lay their eggs. Be cautious of these, however, for they are not legal in all areas.

Why Worry About How to Get Rid of Black Flies?

Kurt's Pest Control Can Get Rid of Black Flies Safely and Thoroughly

Black flies are known for their painful and potentially lethal bite. Indeed, in parts of the northern United States, summertime swarms often attack outdoorsmen engaged in backpacking, camping, and other activities. Their bites can even induce lethal anaphylactic shock in humans. Learning how to get rid of black flies is very important for homeowners, especially since black fly larvae can mature rapidly. Indeed, many U.S. states have created programs to decrease the black fly population as they pose a serious risk to humans and livestock. Black flies in a home can be a dangerous thing, and homeowners may find themselves unequal to the task of entirely eliminating a black fly swarm.

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