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How to Get Rid of Rats

As one of the larger home pests, rats can be frightening to many homeowners. Larger than mice, rats have a keen sense of smell, touch and taste, but their vision is poor. They are active throughout the year, but are mostly nocturnal. Common types of rats are Norway and roof rats. They are both clever creatures and can enter your home by jumping, climbing or even gnawing their way in. Because rats memorize their surroundings, they are timid to get close to a new object in a familiar area. This can make rat control difficult because rats are usually very hesitant to step into a trap that has been set out for them. Don’t get caught not knowing how to get rid of rats! Rats have evolved to become dependent on humans for food and shelter and are commonly found in urban areas. They are known to make their way into buildings in search of food and if successful, can cause huge food losses, both in what they eat and the additional food that they contaminate. Due to inbreeding, rats have become more disease prone over time. Unfortunately, it is possible for them to spread disease to humans, so contact with rats should be avoided at all times. For this reason, knowing how to get rid of rats is incredibly important. Rats are highly destructive; they will chew on and eat virtually anything inside the home. If a homeowner spots a rat, he or she should address the problem immediately before an infestation gets out of control. Rat control is best achieved by preventing rats from settling in your home in the first place. This can include not leaving food out; instead store anything edible in a sealed container. Making sure that your windows and doors and properly sealed can also go a long way in preventing rats from finding their way inside. Rats are usually known to travel in groups and reproduce frequently. Therefore, if you spot a rat in your home, there are probably several more that live there. If you are suspicious that you have a rat infestation, call Kurt's Pest Control.

Achieve Rat Control in Your Home Hassle-Free

Why Rat Control Is Important

Rats are one of the most common household pests. Without proper prevention and protection, rat populations can increase rapidly. Rats typically form nests in old newspaper, cardboard, and even insulation material in warm places like attics. Rats are capable of destroying food, expensive furniture, books, and clothing through gnawing, urine, and feces. Rats breed prolifically and rapidly, so even a small number of rats should not be overlooked (before it's too late)! Rat control can be a serious hassle.

At Kurt's Pest Control, we offer a solution to rat infestations. As professional exterminators, homeowners get the treatment that they need in order to receive the rat solution they seek. The best part of hiring Kurt's Pest Control is that we have the knowledge and expertise to do it right from the beginning.