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How to Get Rid of Scorpions

One of the more frightening household pests is the scorpion. These pests are 8-legged arachnids (similar to spiders) and have two large claws on the front of their bodies. Although the typical scorpion only grows to be about 2-3 inches, some scorpions have been known to exceed 8 inches! Their tail is known for its characteristic upwards curve, which ends in their sting. The scorpion sting is venomous and is used for killing or paralyzing their prey when hunting. Of the 1,400 known species of scorpions, only about 25 have the capabilities of killing humans. However, scorpion stings can still be harmful and can cause unpleasant side effects such as blurred vision, vomiting or unsteady balance. Scorpion stings can also be incredibly painful and if these creatures ever find their way into your home, you should start the scorpion control process as quickly as possible so that you can avoid an unfortunate encounter with this stinging pest. These are among the many reasons that you should know how to get rid of scorpions. Although scorpions can survive in a wide variety of climates, they are most common in warm desert areas, typically in the southwestern portion of the United States. Homeowners in these areas are more likely to face scorpion control challenges. As with any pest, preventing scorpions from entering your home is much easier than trying your hand at scorpion control once they’ve made their way inside. Scorpions can survive for months with very little food or water, so it’s very possible for these unpleasant creatures to survive for many months in a rarely used attic or basement.

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Scorpion Control Is Essential for Every Home and Garden

The first scorpions are thought to have first existed nearly 430 million years ago. They have since spread across the world to inhabit virtually every country and environment. Scorpions can live anywhere from four to 25 years, and continue to thrive in extreme temperatures such as the desert heat and freezing temperatures. Because of this, scorpions have flourished around the world and can quickly become pests in homes and gardens. Scorpions are nocturnal and survive months without eating. When they do eat, however, they are able to consume large amounts of food and generally eat other insects or small lizards and even mice. Scorpions stun and poison their prey with their venom and consume when the prey is paralyzed. Scorpion control can be helpful in keeping your home clean and safe from these predatory insects.

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